Tools Transfer Welding Assembly Expert

Job description

To manage the tools transfer from the current location to new location in Central Asia.
Current location of the tools: mainly in France, but also in smaller proportions in Spain/Portugal, Italy, Germany, CEEC, Tunisia and Morocco

Project phases are:
– Phase 1 – Inventory
– Phase 2 – Documentation
– Phase 3 – RFQ to central Asia parts suppliers
– Phase 4 – Transfer
– Phase 5 – Installation & restart

Required knowledges: 
– to check the devices in contact with the parts
– to check what are the components that should be replaced
– to check what are the additional devices which are a part of the welding tools
– to identify what are the mandatory devices that must accompany the welding tools
– to verify the welding tool design in static position (worn, dirty, broken components, …)
– to verify the welding tool design in dynamic position: incoming parts, parts “contacts”, output parts, quality
– to check the compliance’s level of the parts produced
– to organize the disassembly of the welding devices
– to coordinate & manage the logistic flow of the welding tools (disassembly of the tool shop and use truck crane)
– to produce all mandatory information to produce tools passports
– to follow-up schedule and fulfill commitment



  • French & English mandatory
  • Autonomous, agile, rigorous
  • Minimum 15 years of experience
  • Driving license & car holder
  • Mobile for travelling in different countries

Experience Level



Central & Eastern Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia

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